Player Standards

A firm set of principles are needed to help players maximize potential success. These regulations are clear so that all efforts and energy can be focused on improvement.

Player Standards

  • Live with Dignity & Honor
  • Accountability: Self, Attitude, & Effort
  • Respect: Self & Others
  • Pay Attention to Details: Everything Matters
  • Effort & Attitude to Improve
  • Professional Approach: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Hygiene, Proper Attire
  • Preparation to Improve: Studying, Injury Prevention, Fitness, Skill Building

Player Expectations

  • Greet Teammates & Coaches
  • Line Up Bags Off the Field
  • Go Together as a Group
  • Maximize Time to Improve
  • Make Time to Improve
  • Lead Warm-Up & Cool Down

Player Rules

  • Be On Time & Prepared
  • Be Respectful of All
  • Playing Time & Positions Will Not Be Discussed
  • No Profanity, Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco
  • Put Phone Away & Silent During CESC Functions: Keep By Field for Emergency
  • Maintain Professional Relationships Players, Coaches, Parents, & Officials
  • Coaches Will Instruct & Intervene with Refs: Players Give Info, Not Criticism

Player Appearance

  • CESC and Adidas Clothing: No High School, College, or Other Local Club Gear
  • Have the Proper Socks
    • If Involves Ball: Solid-color Quarter/Crew Socks
    • If Involves Shinguards: Solid-color Soccer Socks
  • Jackets Zipped Up with Hands Out of Sleeves
  • No Basketball or Track Shorts
  • Compression Shorts Should Be Hidden
  • Keep Cleats Clean: No Mud or Dirt
  • No Sweet-spots
  • Maintain Personal Hygiene
  • Running Shoes Everywhere: No Sandals or Flip Flops
  • No Cleats or Indoor Shoes Outside of the Playing Area
  • Coats, Pants, Hats, & Gloves When It is Cold: No Players Can Leave Indoor Until They Are Properly Dressed