Training Definitions

Team Training
Regular team training sessions that occurs two to three times per week. Each session lasts 90 to 120 minutes. The session is led by a Team Coach based on the Club Curriculum or team needs.

SPF Training
SPF Training stands for Speed Power Functional Training.  SPF Training will take place one night per week during the team season.  Sessions will be split into two 45-60 minute halves: Speed/Power Training and Functional Training.

Speed/Power Training
During the season, Columbus Express SC athletes will be going through a rigorous forty-five to sixty minute long workout to improve speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, injury prevention, and explosiveness while also enhancing and developing mental fortitude. This weekly in-season program will be led by our Director of Coaching or a member of the Technical Staff with consultation of a professional expert.

Functional Training

Multifaceted training that focuses on individual, group, or positional skills and decisions based on curriculum and positional traits. Sessions are once a week for forty-five to sixty minutes. Sessions are led by Director of Coaching and Functional Staff.

Goalkeeper Training
Once a week, goalkeepers will participate in a forty-five to sixty minute session led by the Goalkeeping Staff. The session will be engaging with maximum repetitions focused on footwork, handling, technique, decision-making, tactics, and positioning.

Classroom Session
Once a month, under the supervision of the Director of Coaching, players will engage in a sixty minute session in a multi-media based classroom session. Topics will range from Nutrition, Game Management, Player Development, Professional Tactics, Positional Roles, Systems of Play, and Next Level Preparation.

Futsal Training
During the winter months, CESC will introduce our athletes into futsal. Futsal, played on a basketball surface, allows our players to experience the game at a faster pace which improves foot skills and decision-making, ultimately translating into improvement in the outdoor setting.

Individual Technical Training
This session is all about the player. Players will be training individually to improve their foundational skills through quick solo-drills that incorporate multiple manipulations to enhance a player’s ability and comfortability with the ball.