About Locos Society

Locos Street Football Society is an initiative created by Columbus Express to promote street football and futsal.

For more information on our very popular Futsal program, visit www.locossociety.com.

Locos Street Football Society was created to collectively build the footballing culture and community through vast and various mediums such as street soccer, futsal, art, community endeavors, and goodwill services.

Locos Society seeks to enhance the footballer, supporter, and person through creative avenues in form of local pick-up, street games, cultural events, special projects, and indoor play.
We are for anyone and everyone that has a common interest in growing the game, improving the footballer, and creating a culture of play and style within the community. So whether you are an entry-level youth, a ‘back in my day’ ex-player, a go-hard trying to make their name, or just an average fan; we have a place for you