Player Policies

A firm set of principles are needed to help players maximize potential success. These regulations are clear so that all efforts and energy can be focused on improvement.

Player Standards

  • Live with Dignity & Honor
  • Accountability: Self, Attitude, & Effort
  • Respect: Self & Others
  • Pay Attention to Details: Everything Matters
  • Effort & Attitude to Improve
  • Professional Approach: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Hygiene, Proper Attire
  • Preparation to Improve: Studying, Injury Prevention, Fitness, Skill Building

Player Expectations

  • Greet Teammates & Coaches
  • Line Up Bags Off the Field
  • Go Together as a Group
  • Maximize Time to Improve
  • Make Time to Improve
  • Lead Warm-Up & Cool Down

Player Rules

  • Be On Time & Prepared
  • Be Respectful of All
  • Playing Time & Positions Will Not Be Discussed
  • No Profanity, Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco
  • Put Phone Away & Silent During CESC Functions: Keep By Field for Emergency
  • Maintain Professional Relationships Players, Coaches, Parents, & Officials
  • Coaches Will Instruct & Intervene with Refs: Players Give Info, Not Criticism

Player Appearance

  • CESC and Adidas Clothing: No High School, College, or Other Local Club Gear
  • Have the Proper Socks
    • If Involves Ball: Solid-color Quarter/Crew Socks
    • If Involves Shinguards: Solid-color Soccer Socks
  • Jackets Zipped Up with Hands Out of Sleeves
  • No Basketball or Track Shorts
  • Compression Shorts Should Be Hidden
  • Keep Cleats Clean: No Mud or Dirt
  • No Sweet-spots
  • Maintain Personal Hygiene
  • Running Shoes Everywhere: No Sandals or Flip Flops
  • No Cleats or Indoor Shoes Outside of the Playing Area
  • Coats, Pants, Hats, & Gloves When It is Cold: No Players Can Leave Indoor Until They Are Properly Dressed

Attendance Policy

At times, conflicts of training will be unavoidable. To alleviate the concern of missing training, thus losing opportunities to improve, it is vital that players, parents, and coaches adhere to the Attendance Policy protocol:

  • Inform Coach That You Will Be Missing
  • Make Up Training with Another Team or Coach

Coaches may decide to have you do something else to remain in good standing with the team such as homework assignments, on-your own workouts, or Fitness Fines at training.


Fitness Fines

Fitness Fines are punishments that can be given to teams, age groups, position groups, or individuals for not following Standards, Expectations, or Rules. Even coaches can have Fitness Fines.

Fitness Fines are not just limited to CESC Standards of Excellence, but could be used during matches at the coach’s discretion.


  • Not Knowing Set Piece – FITNESS FINE
  • Not Having Proper Gear – FITNESS FINE
  • Late to Training – FITNESS FINE
  • Coach Wearing HS Gear – FITNESS FINE FOR COACH