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Weather Policies

At Columbus Express Soccer Club, it is our goal to always try to move forward with our soccer plans.  However, there are times when weather plays a pivotal part in our ability to continue with trainings or games.  We will always make every effort to have training and matches and sometimes there will be adjustments, time changes, or day changes to the calendar.

Columbus Express Soccer Club will make all final decisions on the cancellation of training.  If another local organization has cancelled, that does not guarantee that Columbus Express Soccer Club has made the same decision.

Field Closings
Columbus Express Soccer Club and Columbus Parks & Recreation will try to be proactive if there are any closings at Richard Wigh Soccer Center. Columbus Express Soccer Club will work to find an alternative training venue in the case that Richard Wigh Soccer Center is unplayable.

The risk of heat related illness from sport activity increases with the temperature.  Columbus Express Soccer Club will issue the following conditions when the Heat Index exceeds 90° F:
–  Heat Index 89° F & Below: Normal Play & Regular Hydration Patterns
–  Heat Index 90° F – 95° F: Mandatory Hydration Breaks Every 25 Minutes
–  Heat Index 96° F – 102° F: Mandatory Hydration Breaks Every 15 Minutes
–  Heat Index 103° F & Above: All Outside Activity Cancelled

In the event of rain, we will continue on as scheduled with training or matches.  It is recommended that players dress appropriately for the weather and bring large plastic bags to cover their belongings when it rains.  

Coaches, Managers, and Administrators at Columbus Express Soccer Club will be aware of any lightning in the area.  In the case of lighting, all fields must be cleared.  Teams will seek shelter in cars or storage areas and try to wait out the storm.  Delays will be 30 minutes following the last lightning strike.  Discretion of the Director, Coach, or Referees will be made on decisions to resume training or matches.

Snow Days
While the majority of our players are Bartholomew County School Corporation students, we have players that travel from outside of the community.  In the event of a school cancellation, the discretion of the Director and availability of facility will determine if soccer will resume in the evening.  The closing of school, does not mean that Columbus Express Soccer Club functions are cancelled.   

Cold Weather
As a general rule, Columbus Express Soccer Club will cancel outside training programs if the projected temperature is to be below 25°F at the start of training. Players are more susceptible to injuries during the cold weather, particularly from pulled or torn muscles.  Players are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to aid body heat retention yet afford adequate movement without creating a safety hazard.