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Parents/spectators of Columbus Express Soccer Club (CESC) players are expected to represent themselves, their team, and CESC with dignity and honor.  Parents/spectators are expected to act professionally and be respectful to the game, players, parents, opposition, and officials on and off the field.  CESC parents/spectators should be accountable for their self, player, and actions and show responsibility to do right, be on time, and be prepared.  CESC parents/spectators should be positive and patient influences that understand development, growth, and improvement take time.  Parents are expected to stay current with all financial commitments.  CESC parents/spectator will refrain from conversations about positions and playing time.  CESC parents/spectators must adhere to the club’s philosophy to ‘Provide Every Opportunity to Improve,’ the club’s values of Education, Discipline, Relationships, and Effort; and CESC’s key components of Player Development, Coaching, Parent Engagement, and Competition.

Commitment and registration into Columbus Express Soccer Club obligate the following agreement:

Parent/Spectator Responsibilities

  • Parents/spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner with dignity and honor.
  • Parents/Spectators will demonstrate respect towards players, parents, opponents, officials, and spectators.  Coaches shall maintain professional relationships with all aforementioned parties.
  • Parents/Spectators will refrain from profanity, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • Parents/Spectators will not participate in any conversations regarding playing time or positions.
  • Parents/Spectators agree to adhere to 24-Hour Policy before discussing concerns with coach or Director of Coaching.
  • Parent/Spectators agree to never criticize a coach or player in a public manner.
  • Parent/Spectator instruction and referee interaction are prohibited.
  • Parents will stay current with all financial agreements and fees.
  • Parents are expected to be punctual and organized.


Parent/Spectator Behavior Expectations

The following behaviors by parents/spectators will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension or dismissal of the parent/spectator and/or player from CESC:

  • Failure to meet any of the aforementioned responsibilities.
  • Any use or possession of an illegal substance at a CESC event.
  • Any engagement in illegal activity at a CESC event.
  • Any attempt to purposefully injure, abuse, or haze someone at a CESC event.
  • In the event that a parent/spectator engages in any of the aforementioned behavior, the Director of Coaching and Executive Board President will determine the appropriate disciplinary action.  
  • All decisions to suspend or dismiss a parent/spectator from CESC for any of the aforementioned behaviors will be made in consultation with the Board of Directors and will be final.