For Parents



Dust off the cleats and break out the adidas Kevlar Shinguards, it’s time to train again.

CESC is inviting all CESC Parents to participate in Parent Practice Night.  On Sunday, August 19 (6:00-7:30 PM), CESC Staff members will train the parents of CESC players in a 90-minute training session.  The session will mimic a typical CESC training session and let the parents experience the same methodologies and techniques that they see on a daily basis.

Registration Deadline is August 14.  Ice Packs are Encouraged.

Parent Practice Night
Sunday, August 19
6:00-7:30 PM
Richard Wigh Soccer Complex (Field 20)



Parents are a crucial advocate for Player Development.  At Columbus Express Soccer Club, we want to aid parents in making the best decisions in guiding players.

Columbus Express Rules, Standards, & Expectations

For the safety of all Columbus Express Soccer Club players, no parents or unauthorized persons will be permitted at the field during training.  No parents should be involved on the field in any manner (warmups, team talks) unless they are requested by the Director of Coaching or Team Coach for an injury-related purpose.  Parents and spectators are only permitted to be on the opposite sideline of the player’s area or in the designated spectator area during matches.

Parent Standards

  • Be Accountable for Self, Player, & Actions
  • Demonstrate Respect: Players, Coaches, Teams, Club, Opponents, & Officials
  • Show Responsibility: Do Right, Be on Time, & Be Prepared
  • Demonstrate Patience: Development, Growth, & Improvement Take Time
  • Be Positive Influences That Support Players
  • Be Thoughtful & Pragmatic: Your Remarks, Choices, & Decisions

Parent Rules

  • Playing Time & Positions Will Not Be Discussed
  • Adhere to Club Philosophy
  • Maintain Professional Relationships: Coaches, Parents, Officials, & Players
  • Drama, Criticism, & Complaining Will Not Be Tolerated
  • Refrain from Profanity, Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco
  • Abuse or Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated
  • Maintain Proper Appearance: Tasteful Clothes That Do Not Promote Drugs, Alcohol, or Other Local Clubs; Try to Wear CESC Gear at Matches, Team Functions, & Tournaments
  • Stay Current with All Financial Agreements & Fees
  • Instruction & Ref Interaction Will Come From the Coaches


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